Nordic Privacy Arena 2020 highlights

Nordic Privacy Arena 2020

This year’s Nordic Privacy Arena turned out a bit different due to the pandemic, but we are so happy that we were able to arrange the conference. We had to look at a different way to arrange it and we decided to put up a semi-digital event which turned out to be really good. Some of the participants and speakers attended on-site at Münchenbryggeriet.

Despite all the restrictions we had two days of interesting speeches with speakers from all over the world both on-site and remote. We explored topics such as what’s the difference between being a data controller and a data processor, data privacy in a smart world – smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes and smart cars, who controls the input, the output and the box between. We had also the pleasure to have Maximilian Schrems on remote talking about the Schrems II judgement.

Thank you all for participating in this year’s conference, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Also, of course, a huge thanks to all the speakers, moderators and panellists who made this year’s conference a must be at event.

For you who didn’t have the chance to secure a ticket for the conference, keep an eye open for the ticket-release for next year’s conference that will take place in Stockholm the 27th and 28th of September 2021.

Thank you!